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I’m originally from Chicago. My dad was a social worker and former musician and my mom was a music teacher. Our house was filled every day with music of all kinds—jazz, spirituals, R&B, rock, salsa, etc. The kids in the family studied classical piano and each one of us played in bands as teens and young adults in our spare time.

I started collecting records as a teen and eventually acquired the collections of my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncle. My collection grew as my interests expanded to music from all around the world.

In 2001 I moved to Durham, my mom’s hometown, to care for my aunt, who had Alzheimer’s disease. I took care of her for eight years and was at her bedside when she died. Her friends were my friends. This led to my decision to specialize in “oldies but goodies” when I decided to become a deejay, and I played for dance parties at the Durham Center for Senior Life for several years.

As DJ Piddipat, I now provide a wide range of music for the City of Durham, Durham County, nonprofit agencies, churches, coffeehouses, neighborhood groups, food truck rodeos, and private parties. I have provided music for African, country (aka country & western), kids’, St Patrick’s Day, Muslim, Oktoberfest, Christmas/winter holiday events, and patriotic/holiday music for retirement-home residents. I thoroughly enjoy customizing my musical selections for every special occasion.

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