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Major the Bull sculpture in Durham NC’s CCB Plaza in African attire
Seniors vs Police 2024 4
Seniors vs Police 2024 3
Seniors vs Police 2024 2
Seniors vs Police 2024 8
Seniors vs Police 2024 6
Seniors vs Police 2024 5
Seniors vs Police 2024 7
Seniors vs Police 2024 1


Once a year, Durham seniors engage in friendly competition with members of the Durham police Department at the Durham Center for Senior Life. They play jenga, shuffleboard, cornhole, billiards, BINGO, they make puzzles, and enjoy refreshments during one afternoon of fun.

RDU Observation Deck.png

RDU Airport’s Observation Park is back! This is a great place to take the family on a free outing, where everyone can watch the airplanes take off from a safe vantage point. You can park for free, listen to communication between the pilots and the control tower, enjoy the picnic and play areas, look at the educational placards (test your knowledge of airplanes!), and use the modern restrooms. Observation Park will be open every day from 9am to dusk.

Click here for more info and to get directions.

Did you know we don’t have to pay for bus fare until at least June 2024? How DO they do it?

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